City of Brantford, A Historical Study of the Applicability of Ontario Provincial Legislation.

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Definitions and Website Conventions

There are specialized web terms and url structure referring to all sorts of aspects of web design. For someone just getting started in web design, or someone looking to have a site designed, all the technical jargon can be overwhelming. Especially the acronyms.

Below is a guide to industry terms that should get you well on your way to understanding what web designers are talking about. In addition, we’ve provided some resources for each term to give you more in-depth information.






  1. List Type Numbered
  2. List Type Numbered
  3. List Type Numbered


<a class="tweetable" href=";;via=tworowtimes"><span data-tweetable="Bushed – Stuck on the rez." data-shorturl="">Bushed – Stuck on the rez.</span></a>

Bushed – Stuck on the rez.

Text Selection

Highlight Test Using the following append structure. #:~:text=

Example: sentence text selection
Example: sentence text selection

Glossary Anchoring

Anchoring to terms use the id"Focus Terms", to aquire the id you can select the bold terms, do not include the colon. Append the id tag to the end of the link after hashtag.


CSS Styling

Use these class and reference tags, examples below. Appent imediatly after the <ul> tag.

<!-- Sidenote -->
<table class="annotated" summary="Text with annotations in the second column.">
<td class="annotated-text">
<p>Some instruments entitled ‘declarations’ were not originally intended to have binding force, but their provisions may have reflected customary international law or may have gained binding character as customary law at a later stage. Such was the case with the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.</p>
<ul><!--Optional List-->
</ul><!-- End of Optional List-->
</tr><tr><td class="sidenote">
<i class="fas fa-angle-double-right"></i>
<sup id="sidenote_1"><a href="#end_01" class="sidenote" title="See End-Note below...">Sidenote</a></sup><!-- Change sidenote_number -->
<!-- Sidenote -->

Link to sidenote example below.

<li id="sidenote_01"> <a href="#endnote_01" class="reference" title="Return to Sidenote...">Sidenote #</a> This is the title to the reference</li>


  • Sidenote # This is the title to the reference, in text body Sidenote.
  • Html Scnippets


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